Manly Movies – The French Connection
March 17, 2020 Comments Off on Manly Movies – The French Connection Uncategorized Tom Burden

The French Connection (1971)

Director: William Friedkin
Writers: Ernest Tidyman (screenplay by), Robin Moore (based on the book by)
Stars: Gene Hackman, Roy Scheider, Fernando Rey

Partners in the Narcotics Bureau of the NYPD stumble into a drug smuggling operation.

Where to begin… It’s always good to see cops, in all their racists glory, accidentally stumble into something job related. The event that starts all of it off is a fluke. Happen to be in the right bar at the right time to accidentally see something.

While many people list this as a must see movie for men, I do not. It’s slow, with way too much filler, the music is placed at odd times, missing when you should have it, and completely disappears when the detectives are chatting in the bar. Not that I’m complaining, it was a particularly horrible song. It also suffers from odd editing. At one point I thought a character was going to run over a girl on a bike, seems he slept with her instead. It’s an oddly random moment, and it’s not the only one. The film is considered a classic, and has a lot of history and story in how it was made. But, as a movie, it falls short. The leads are never fleshed out, Hackman’s character in particular never met a racial slur he didn’t like, and did I mention it’s slow?

If you’re a fan of the genre, or just like old movies, then give it a try. Otherwise, there are far better movies with similar themes.

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