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Swingers (1996)

Director: Doug Liman
Writer: Jon Favreau
Stars: Vince Vaughn, Heather Graham, Jon Favreau

A couple of aspiring actors try to be players and pick up women, while one tries to get over his recent breakup.

Most of the cast give okay performances, even the ladies who have little to no actual character. However, Favreau has a constant look of being angry, even when he’s suppose to be having a good time, and Vaughn just simply sucks. I’ve never been a fan of his, and I can’t see why anyone is. He blows through his lines like he’s trying to get them out before he forgets them, and everything he does is over the top and annoying. Beyond that, none of them can stop saying money and baby. It’s extremely annoying. There are times you can tell the movie was meant to be funny, but it falls short.

On top of everything else, the characters are really just pathetic. Favreau’s get’s better, but you never really see the payoff on it. Vaughn’s character, on the other hand, only gets worse throughout the course of the movie. In the end he kind of gets a moment of maybe seeing how pathetic he is, but then the movie ends and you don’t get that payoff , either.

This one gets a hard pass.

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