Manly Movies – Jerry Maguire
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Jerry Maguire (1996)

Director: Cameron Crowe
Writer: Cameron Crowe
Stars: Tom Cruise, Cuba Gooding Jr., Renée Zellweger, Kelly Preston

A sports agent has a moral breakdown one night, writes a lengthy “mission statement”, prints it out and sends it to everyone in his company, then gets fired. With one co-worker/employee and one client, he tries to make it. Not really, it’s a love story, with a lot more bare male ass than I remember.

To some extent there are a lot of parts of this film that are worthwhile, and some people latch onto those when putting this on a must-watch list. However, in doing so they ignore some glaringly big issues. Yes, Jerry is a good role model for his step-son. And yes, he does return to his wife realizing he does love her. Except… did he? At the very beginning of the movie it’s made very clear Jerry doesn’t know how to be alone. A man needs to know how to be alone, and to be himself. A woman doesn’t need a man to complete her, and a real man doesn’t need a woman to complete him. And at no point during the movie did he ever overcome this issue. So, of course he returned to her.

It’s a good movie, and does have it’s goo points. But that one alone, and there are other issues, takes this off any real must see list.

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