Manly Movies – Gran Torino
April 11, 2020 Comments Off on Manly Movies – Gran Torino Uncategorized Tom Burden
Gran Torino (2008)

Director: Clint Eastwood
Writers: Nick Schenk (screenplay), Nick Schenk & Dave Johannson (story)
Stars: Clint Eastwood, Bee Vang, Ahney Her, Christopher Carley

A recently widowed, disgruntled old man, estranged from his kids, fumbles into a friendship with the Hmong family living next door. And takes on a gang.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Clint Eastwood, certainly not of his early career, but he’s matured into a great director, and his acting has followed. While hard to watch at times, as the racial slurs are flying constantly, and at times it’s almost a little too real, this is a very good film that doesn’t take the standard ending you would expect from a movie like this, or one from Eastwood. And it begs the question, can you be a grumpy old racist, and a still be a good man?

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