Manly Movies – Dr. No
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Dr. No (1962)

Director: Terence Young
Writers: Richard Maibaum, Johanna Harwood & Berkely Mather
Based on the book by Ian Fleming

Stars: Sean Connery, Ursula Andress, Bernard Lee

James Bond, 007, is a resourceful British government agent seeking answers to a missing agent and possible sabotage to the American space program.

Dr. No is the first of 25+ Bond movies.

Being the first in the series, it has many firsts that a Bond fan would enjoy, including the first Bond girl (possibly the first questionable Bond seduction, too). You also get to see the origin of his iconic gun. Despite later entries in the franchise, there are no special spy gadgets that have comes to be synonymous with the brand. You do get the opportunity to see 60’s men and culture, as well as a very young Sean Connery. It is interesting to look back on it all. However, any movie from the 60’s can provide that.

Is it a Must See Movie for Men? No… unless your a major Bond fan, then yes. It’s inclusion on many lists is because it is the first of the Bond films, and if you’re a guy you must watch the Bond films. Except, no, you really don’t. Personally, if you’re going to watch a Bond movie, go for one of the Pierce Brosnan films (with all their over the top action and cheese), or a Daniel Craig entry. I find both to be superior entries into the franchise, having the time to mature and develop all the themes we’ve come to expect from a James Bond movie.

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