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Tag: style

The Time Has Come
January 7, 2021 Presence Tom Burden

There’s a particularly odd thing happening in the men’s style world. It’s not new, and doesn’t seem anyone’s caught on to the disparity. Here’s an example of what I mean: let’s say a guy has a YouTube channel, and he’s doing quite well. He’s an influencer. Joe YouTube talks about men’s style and fashion. He’s

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The Appearance or Power
April 6, 2020 Living Well Tom Burden

Feel like you’re ignored a lot? Put in extra hours at work, only to have others advance, even if they put in half the work you did? Do people not take you seriously? Overlooked? Underappreciated?
You’re sending a message out to the world on who you are and how you are to be treated. What message are you sending?

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12 Week Self Remodel – Get Fitted
January 27, 2020 Presence Tom Burden

While everyone else is doing a ‘New Year New You’ program (there are thousands of them), we offer you a different path. One often less taken. We present to you the 12 Week Self Remodel. Each Monday for 12 weeks we’ll post one thing you can change in your life, easily, to help create the

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A Few Misconceptions of Masculinity
December 27, 2019 Health, Presence Michelle

In a recent article I read real men shared instances of the ‘unmasculine’ things they do or like and it got me thinking about what some of the misconceptions we have about what is and is not allowed for men to like.

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The 8 Pillars of Manhood
December 12, 2019 Health, Living Well, Male Spirit, Presence, Relationships, Self-Mastery Tom Burden

What does it take to be a man? Well, certainly there are a lot of opinions. Some very far from the mark. Fact is, anthropologists have found that what people consider a man is fairly consistent across the globe, from first world countries to aboriginal tribes. While some are trying to rewrite what it means

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5 Things Guys Need to Learn To Be Stylish
February 27, 2019 Presence Tom Burden

Gentlemen, style is an important part of being a man in today’s world. It’s as important today as it was in medieval times when a man’s dress uniform was armor, or in Greek times when the color and cleanliness of a man’s toga denoted his place in society, or all the way back to the

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