12 Week Self Remodel – Get Fitted
January 27, 2020 Comments Off on 12 Week Self Remodel – Get Fitted Presence Tom Burden

While everyone else is doing a ‘New Year New You’ program (there are thousands of them), we offer you a different path. One often less taken. We present to you the 12 Week Self Remodel. Each Monday for 12 weeks we’ll post one thing you can change in your life, easily, to help create the life you really want. Each one is a small adjustment to your existing life, small stepping stones to a better you. As such, they take little effort or time to accomplish. Each one will be posted later in the day, intentionally. Your work week may start on Monday, but the Reclaimed week starts on Tuesday. Less competition for your time, and less stress (also something to look forward to on your Monday commute). So, let’s begin.

Week 3 – Tailor a Shirt

Think you look good now? Perhaps, but you can do better. There’s an art to style that can take years to really cultivate, but there are known rules and guidelines to help you on your way. At Reclaimed Masculinity we follow a few rules that have been proven decade after decade to be true, and remain true for years to come. One of these is the Style Pyramid. Chances are, you are close on all three of these aspects. Take it to the next level, get a shirt tailored and nail the fit.

Pick a good shirt from your closet, just one, and take it in to get it fitted. Remember, the Remodel is about small, lasting steps. No need to take in your entire wardrobe and break the bank. No need to track down a tailor whose family has been in the industry six generations. Most dry cleaners do alterations, and that’s all you need. Take in that one shirt that everyone says is nice. Nailing the fit of your clothes can take a look that’s just “ok” to “looking good”. And “looking good” to “looking damn good”. Think you’re already there? Take that next step from damn to dayum!

When was the last time you got a dayum on your appearance? It’s time.

And while you wait on your shirt to be altered, learn more about the Style Pyramid from the man himself, Antonio Centeno at Real Men Real Style.

Let us know how you’re doing on the Self Remodel in the comments below.

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Tom Burden Tom Burden is a father & husband, martial artist, author, sexual advocate, male advocate and female advocate, and a trained conservation biologist. He is the founder of Reclaimed Masculinity, and co-founder of Central Aikido and Seishinkan Iaido Warrensburg, as well as other business enterprises. He is a longtime student of somatic and embodiment practices, with deep study into the mind, the human body, spirituality, and the environment. He currently resides in Missouri with his wife and daughter.