12 Week Self Remodel – Mix It Up
February 3, 2020 Comments Off on 12 Week Self Remodel – Mix It Up Living Well Tom Burden

While everyone else is doing a ‘New Year New You’ program (there are thousands of them), we offer you a different path. One often less taken. We present to you the 12 Week Self Remodel. Each Monday for 12 weeks we’ll post one thing you can change in your life, easily, to help create the life you really want. Each one is a small adjustment to your existing life, small stepping stones to a better you. As such, they take little effort or time to accomplish. Each one will be posted later in the day, intentionally. Your work week may start on Monday, but the Reclaimed week starts on Tuesday. Less competition for your time, and less stress (also something to look forward to on your Monday commute). So, let’s begin.

Week 4 – Learn to Make a Classic Cocktail

Most men have had a beer before, and that’s fine for a football game. Some have had a mixed drink or two. Chances are, you’re one of those. What about a real liquor? Betting its somewhat alien territory for you. First, let’s be clear on just what a cocktail is. While cocktails are technically a mixed drink, they are not the wild concoctions served in most bars these days. No, a cherry vodka daiquiri is not a cocktail. That drink you had last week that was more fruitiness than alcohol isn’t a cocktail, either. Cocktails are simple, refined, and easy. They are about bringing out the flavor of the liquor, not about hiding the cheapness of the liquor to help get you drunk. Make no mistake about it, that’s the purpose of a beer. It’s not quality, it’s quantity.

It’s time to refine your palate.

A cocktail is all about taste. Bringing together complementing flavors to enhance the experience. And making a cocktail right is a manly skill that’s dying in lieu of cheap, lazy, store bought alternatives. Once you’ve got the basics down, expand on it, change up the brand of liquor, and play with the amounts you use. Work it until you have your own signature cocktail. Something you can proudly bring out at gatherings to impress your friends.

To get started, pick one of the classic cocktails to try. These drinks have survive the years, made it through Prohibition, and will soon be in your repertoire. Here’s 12 great starters and the liquor used:

While there are many other cocktails to try, and a plethora of new concoctions we could add to the list, we feel this is more than adequate to get you started on the path of classic, quality drinks.

Let us know how you’re doing on the Self Remodel in the comments below.

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