Reclaim You

You were born a Physical, Spiritual, and Sexual creature


You were born to be wild, to awaken, to evolve. You were born human. While others tell you to “be you”, we know you are more than that. It’s time to evolve. Don’t settle for “being you”, at Reclaimed Masculinity, we want you to be better. We want you to evolve to be your authentic self. We strive to guide you through processes, programs, and information, through self inquiry and discovery, to awaken to your full spiritual, physical, sexual, and beautiful YOU. To awaken to the stunning and profound simplicity of life.

Reclaim Masculinity was created to help guide you through the landmines of life, through the maelstrom of opinions, marketing, lies, and hate. Our teachings are straight-forward and dogma-free. We want you to wake up to being human, to your authentic self, and to your true spirit – not ours.

It’s time to evolve.

It’s time to reclaim YOU.

Your Virtual Masculinity Coach

Tom is a martial artist, author, sexual advocate, and male advocate, and the founder of Reclaimed Masculinity. He is a longtime student of somatic and embodiment practices, with deep study into the mind, the human body, spirituality, and the environment. It is his strong belief that you can not live up to your true potential unless these four aspects of life have reached a state of harmony.

Born to a US Air Force family with a proud tradition of military service, and raised for much of his life in the countryside, almost exclusively around girls, Tom grew up seeing men being men, and women being women – both the good sides, and the bad. His upbringing, with a strong male role model in his father, grandfather, and uncle, and deep friendships with the multitude of girls around him, has led to a unique world view. It could be said he is the first feminist masculinist. Or, as he puts it, he offends everyone equally.

Tom also has a great passion for sexuality (what guy doesn’t?). He believes that to find and embody your true, better self, you must heal the sexual disconnect must people suffer, even if they don’t readily acknowledge it. It is a hallmark of the modern age. Sex is not a weapon, a tool, or something you just “have”, even if this disembodied view is becoming more and more prevalent. Tom believes we are wild, spiritual, sexual creatures, and has made it his calling to help others see it in themselves.